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National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Bangladesh Padma bridge detection project has been completed successfully

Recently, the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center has completed the Physical Laboratory of Bangladesh Padma bridge (foreign project commissioned) detection successfully.

 National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center purchased Shanghai Hualong testing instrument Limited by Share Ltd production of 1500t anchor static loading machine in 2016, which advanced performance, high degree of automation, anchorage static test and anchor and anchor plate friction loss test, tension and anchor number detection technology test content, has a very important significance for detection the ability to upgrade the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

The static load test of the main contents of Bangladesh Padma bridge testing is 29 hole anchorage. In this regard, National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center all leadership attaches great importance to this task, and director Hong Tao went to guide for several times to name He Yan as the  head of a special group of research, and relevant departments’ cooperation to ensure the successful completion of the task.

In order to make sure that the official task is correct, the special team carried out a whole process simulation test before the sample was put in place. The experiment ended at eleven o'clock in the evening. However, all the experimenters were proud of completing the task accurately and efficiently.

Due to the static load test of anchorage, the installation accuracy of each test part is high, and the 29 hole anchorage itself and the supporting anchor plate weight are heavier. This is not only a technical investigation, but also a test of physical strength and willpower. How will the auxiliary pad and anchorage on, how will the root prestressed initial stress debugging uniform, how will prestressed perforation para and so on, all the problems have been solved by teamwork. After three days of unremitting efforts, the Bangladesh Padma bridge (foreign project) has been completed successfully.

Review of the whole test process, we have reason to believe that such an outstanding team, will make more brilliant victory in the unremitting efforts of all staff! (He Yan)


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