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Our institute held high strength spring steel project promotion meeting

on November 8th morning, the national key research project "advanced manufacturing base for special steel and the application of" sub project of high strength spring steel wire cutting and key technology development and application demonstration "will promote held in our intitute, the person in charge of the project of steel iron and Steel Research Institute Deputy Director Su Jie, Baosteel long material institute president Huang Zongze , Xingcheng Special Steel Wire deputy director Zhang Jianfeng visit our institute.

Vice President Yang Yonghong welcomed the visit of the project advancement experts, and hoped that all the experts would make valuable suggestions on the progress of our project.

Project group experts listened to Xing Xianqiang chief engineer on the progress of 2100Mpa spring steel project report in our institute projects to promote the situation ,also pointed out the need to further optimize the process, in-depth study of the heat treatment deformation, toughening mechanism, spring steel wire and wire cutting around the key technology of the construction of patent technology group, actively get ready for the national awards . (Zhu Hangxin)



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