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The national standard of "PVC content determination" was drafted successfully

The success of the national standard of "PVC content determination", which was drafted by National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Metal Products

On November 1st, the good news from the National Standardization Management Committee, PVC by our institute presided over the drafting of the "(PVC-U) PVC pipes and fittings in the (PVC) - based on the chlorine content determination method of content determination method" (project number: 20172317-T-607) national standards project passed the expert review and comment period, officially approved.


At present, the national standard GB/T 20221-2006 "for non pressure underground drainage and sewerage unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) and" GB/T 5836.1-2006 "pipe construction with a hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipes" in which the content of PVC in the hard PVC pipe should not be less than 80%, and the TB/T 3432-2016 "high-speed railway precast post tensioned prestressed concrete beams will be" the content of PVC PVC drainage pipe column will check for the project. However, at present, there is no corresponding national standard or industry standard to give a determination method, and there is no unified and accurate measurement method in the domestic testing industry. With the rapid development of the national high speed rail construction, the standards of relevant methods are urgently needed to standardize the detection of PVC content.

Qiu Yuemei, Liu Zhe, Zhang Dandan, Wang Wei and others in chemistry lab of our quality inspection center have done a lot of literature research and experimental exploration. According to the European Union EN 1905 standard, we have developed a feasible method to determine PVC content in rigid polyvinyl chloride pipes and fittings. From December 2016 to April 2017, the method has been proved to be highly accurate, repeatable and reproducible after hundreds of experiments. From April 2017 to May, under the care of the leaders of the institute and quality inspection center, after having communicated with the National Standardization Committee of plastic products all over the country, the declaration materials formulated by the relevant national standards were finally submitted. From August 9, 2017 to August 23rd, the standard completed the public consultation. Finally, the National Standard Committee formally passed the formulation of the standard on November 1st. (see the 408 national standard revision plan of the national standard committee about bidding procurement agent service standard).

  The pass of the standard of the project is our quality inspection center for the first time in the first drafting unit presided over the drafting of metallurgical industry outside the national standards, quality inspection center in our institute that plastic pipe, non metal material field detection capability, the level and the level of scientific research has been recognized by the National Standards Committee, is a major breakthrough in our institute quality inspection center in the field of non metallic materials. Our institute will seize the rare opportunity to set up this standard, and communicate with the relevant units seriously and deeply, so as to promote the development of standards in a scientific, rigorous, positive and modest way. Efforts have been made to contribute to the construction of the standard system and the quality of the product in the plastic pipe industry. (Liu Zhe of National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Metal Products)


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